Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Peplum...But I Have Hips!

This Edition: Am I supposed to wear that? 

I have been leery of trying the peplum trend because I have hips. Won't peplum skirts or dresses accentuate them or make me look wider? Well, that depends! Here are some looks with peplum that would work on women with (and without!) curves.

The Peplum Skirt: 

This peplum skirt works because the peplum is close to the body (doesn't stick out and add inches!), and the skirt is higher-waisted, which means the peplum is actually above the hips. The peplum also has a wrap effect, which draws the eye toward the center (as opposed to the sides) of the skirt.

The Peplum Dress: 

Alice + Olivia
I love this take on the peplum dress. The peplum is only on one side and stays close to the body, which gives the dress a unique look and flatters any body type.

Alice + Olivia
This dress is also Alice + Olivia. I like the monochromatic look and the flattering peplum that stops just above the hips. The length of the skirt and monochromatic grey color elongates the body, which will help you from looking "hippy" or disproportionate.

The Peplum Blouse:
Coach Tour Top
Interesting focal points work with any type of peplum, but especially peplum tops because they can tend to look boxy (especially if the peplum is set too high on the waist). This top has a great asymmetrical neckline and waistband that keep it from looking boxy or too plain. The peplum bottom is balanced out by the heavy collar/neckline.
Robert Rodriguez
If you decide to go the fancy route with a lace or other type of dressy peplum blouse, keep the rest of your outfit simple and slim. Pair this top with dark skinny jeans, skinny leather pants, or a knee-length, fitted pencil skirt (any shorter will make you look stumpy). You can also add a belt at the waist to more simple peplum tops to make them more visually appealing.

The Peplum Jacket: 

Dorothy Perkins
I'm definitely in love with this textured peplum jacket. It has a Victorian flair and would be very flattering on anyone! The pleating in the front and back keep the sides from popping out too much while maintaining the excess material needed in the peplum style. The contrasting color on the lapels is slimming, especially if you were to wear a black top underneath. This jacket could be dressed up with a tailored dress or slacks and a button-down blouse, or it could be dressed down (and left open) with a plain white tee/tank and a pair of skinny jeans.

The Peplum Cardigan:

This peplum cardigan from Zara is really cozy-looking but also chic. Keeping the cardigan open softens the lines, and pairing it with a simple tank/tee and skinny jeans keeps it from looking too stuffy.