Monday, January 14, 2013

Stripes, or How NOT to Look Like the Hamburglar

Dolce & Gabbana, Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs...What do they have in common? Stripes on the Spring 2013 runways! I, for one, love stripes. Every time I see them in the store, I want to buy whatever striped thing has caught my eye. Sometimes, I regret my choices, though...I have learned how to wear stripes so as not to look like the Hamburglar or so they do not make me look like I've gained 15 pounds. Here we go...

ONE Bold Striped Piece Only, Please!

Hamburglar is a DON'T:
While he does try to break up the stripes with a snazzy hamburger tie, his matchy-matchy striped shirt and pants aren't doing him any favors. So as not to look like you were just released from a McDonald's jail, stick to one striped item (shirt or bottom).

DO Outfit #1:

Pair a colorful horizontal-striped tank top with a long, lean cardigan in a complimentary shade. The cardigan will narrow the width of the stripes and have a thinning effect. Just make sure your striped shirt doesn't peek out underneath the cardi or it may appear that you have wide hips. You can dress this look up or down, pairing it with either dress pants, jeans, or other casual pants.

DO Outfit #2: 

Conversely, you could choose to use stripes on the bottom, in which case you will want to either keep it simple up top with a plain blouse in a fun color or interesting style, or use a different pattern altogether. Please avoid horizontal stripes on the bottom unless you want to run into pajama pant/19th century prison uniform territory. 

DO Outfit #3: 

Try a subtle stripe, like these tuxedo pants, with a sleek silk button-down: 

DO Outfit #4: 

Wear a cute striped skirt with a plain, casual or dressy top tucked in: 

DO Outfit #5: 
Try a modified gondolier look with a cute, striped tank top tucked into a solid, casual skirt: 

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